Easy Trail Mix Recipes

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Trail mix is considerably the most delicious and nutritious type of food/snack you’ll ever come across. Regardless of the ingredients used, trail mix offers the body bountiful amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats (mono and polyunsaturated fats like omega 3), vitamins, soluble and insoluble fiber and various other essential minerals. In general, they aid in giving you extra energy especially when engaging in recreational activities like hiking, help in regulating your appetite, enhances healthy functioning of your digestive system, protects your skin against harsh climatic conditions, helps in the repair and strengthening of body muscles and, stimulates the healing process among other things. Below are three examples of easy trail mix recipes that are very healthy and can be made at home.


Have all the ingredients ready: raw almonds, salted or unsalted cashews, banana chips, oyster crackers, granola, dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips. To make the trail mix, simply put all of these together in one big bowl and mix them thoroughly till everything is fairly distributed.

In case you are planning on taking this trail mix on your outdoor adventure for a couple of days or weeks, put it in an airtight container. That way, it will remain fresh for a couple of weeks.


What makes this trail mix a favorite of many women is that it’s all about the chocolate. To make it, gather different amounts of coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, raisins, dark chocolate chips, dried cherries or cranberries, pecans, almonds and peanuts.

Start by first mixing the nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Then, spread them on a baking sheet that has been lined with waxed paper. Melt the dark chocolate chips on the microwave before pouring it over the mixture on the baking sheet. To ensure that everything gets coated, stir it. After it has cooled, pack your trail mix in airtight container(s).


Making trail mix for kids could be tricky. This is because they focus more on the attractiveness of the food/snack in question rather than its health benefits. Thus, when coming up with the ingredients, you have to make sure that other than them being colorful and attractive, they are also healthy. In this regard, here’s one recipe that you can make in less than five minutes and one that every kid will instantly fall in love with:

Mix raisins with cheerios, pretzel sticks, plain or cheese goldfish crackers, sunflower seeds, different types of nuts like cashews and almonds, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and small chewy candies. Once you have mixed them thoroughly, put the trail mix in an airtight container.

These three recipes will hence ensure that the needs of everyone in your household are taken care of. So come the next time you go camping, hiking or backpacking, each one of you will have something healthy to snack on.

Kindly note that these recipes are not strictly designed for any of the above specified group. As a matter of fact, anyone can snack on the other’s trail mix. The reasoning behind the classification is that, the specified members are more likely to benefit and fall in love with their trail mix more than the other would.

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