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The untold story of adventure photographers

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Professional travel on location and nature videographer:photographer (man) photographing and video nature and landscape outdoor.(BW)

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Adventure photography is an upcoming style that focuses on how we turn great outdoors into our own playground. Amazing shots that combine both athleticism and art make it a compelling industry for any photographer to get into. However, there is another side to it that is rarely talked about. The adventure photographers have a completely different experience of any event they are shooting and I am going to tell you about it.

What many people don’t realize is that the pressure the photographer faces while they’re on the job. In order to get that perfect shot, not only do they have to be athletic, but they also have to be creative and professional. There is a lot more to being an adventure photographer than going out and shooting. The considerable amount of communication and coordination with clients is really what sets them apart from other categories.

On another level, adventure photography is one of the most competitive types out there. Every image has to show an innovative perspective and cannot be too generic. While this may go for most types of photography, it is particularly important here because almost anyone can learn to go take striking photos of the world but in order to be successful, they must have a point of view that makes them stand out from the many others trying to make it.

Professional photographer on safari in Kenya

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Unlike portrait photographers, adventure photographers have to be prepared for any condition and always be on their toes, knowing the best way to capture the experience. This could be anything from being extreme weather conditions to uncooperative clients. Either way, it is imperative for the photographer to know how to navigate the situation and remain professional.

Running an adventure photography business goes beyond taking the photos and meeting with clients. The photographer also must edit their photos and deliver them to the client on time. While capturing the images is the most fun part, it is less than half of the work! Editing to make the final product is just as important as any other part of the process.

The finished product may look like it was just taken on a fun day out but all of the behind scenes coordination that went into getting it made makes it that much more worth it. Adventure photographers are often overlooked and under appreciated, so don’t take their work for granted!

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