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Volunteer Your Way Through Europe On These Farms

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Volunteer Your Way Through Europe On These Farms

For eager travelers on a strict budget, finding a work exchange comes with hidden costs. A number of middleman websites have cropped up offering to pair volunteers with opportunities of all sorts for a nominal fee. However, these pairings aren’t guaranteed, and for new and perspective volunteers that want to explore the idea of a work exchange, paying without the certainty of a job is a huge risk. From islands to wine regions, check out a few interesting farms throughout Europe where backpacking travelers can do work exchanges without signing up through a website.

Sunrock Backpacker’s Hostel, Corfu, Greece

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Corfu is an island off the Northwest coast of Greece, bordering Albania. Far from the touristy cities of Athens, Santorini and Thessaloniki, Corfu offers a unique blend of Italian, British and Greek cultures reflecting the island’s colonial history. Sunrock Backpacker’s Hostel overlooks Pelekas Beach and features a warm, communal environment where you can enjoy fresh Greek meals prepared with ingredients from the Vrachos Organic Farm every evening.

Backpackers who fall in love with the hostel can opt into their Pay Your Own Way Programme and work on the hostel and farm for 1-2 months in exchange for accommodation and all meals. Farm work includes nearly everything imaginable—milking cows, collecting eggs, stacking hay, feeding farm animals, picking fruits and vegetables and even assisting with animal births! There is no shortage of things to do at the hostel and it’s a great way to build experience before searching for work on a paid website.

Perugia Farmhouse, Perugia, Italy

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Situated in the hills of Perugia Italy, the Perugia Farmhouse promises its guests “The fun of a hostel and the relaxing life of a farmhouse.” The hostel is a 200 year old farmhouse surrounded by the lush, green Italian countryside. For those who desire city life, the Perugia city center is only a short bus ride away. The hostel truly offers the best of both worlds.

As part of their unique rural experience, guests can volunteer on the farm featuring organic fruit trees and a variety of animals from chickens to donkeys. The farm is owned and operated by a local Perugia family, but seasonal volunteers from around the world keep it up and running throughout the year. Volunteers are required to stay a minimum of four weeks.

Moulin de Braux, Burgundy, France

Moulin de Braux is an organic produce farm situated in the wine region of Burgundy in central France. Neither a hostel or bed and breakfast, Moulin de Braux cultivates produce to sell at markets in the region. The farm works with several organizations and welcomes a diverse range of volunteers from around the world.

Working on Moulin de Braux is ideal for workers seeking a peaceful setting. Free from distractions like nightclubs, television and even alcohol, you’ll find a communal environment where volunteers and hosts share mostly vegetarian meals twice daily. Farm volunteers are expected to work at least five hours a day, save Sunday, doing everything from working the soil to weeding and helping the hosts sell produce at the local markets.

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