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The Useful, But Obscure Contents Of Spotted Lake

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Spotted Lake, Klikuk, in Osoyoos area

Image: Xuanlu Wang/Shutterstock

Isn’t it the exotic, abnormal sights that end up filling our bucket list as opposed to the beautiful and scenic? Of course we want to see both, but there’s something about the obscure natural wonders that have us flying across the country to lay eyes on them ourselves. Spotted Lake in British Columbia is one such place.

This intriguing destination is currently a private land owned by the First Nations of the Okanagan and it is used for medicine. The original owner intended to turn this oasis into a spa retreat but failed. The lake is powerful enough to be used for medicine and it could’ve be used for spa and therapy purposes, but what else has it been used for in the past? Shockingly enough, minerals from the lake were also used to create ammunition during World War I.

Spotted Lake

Image: Rowdy Soetisna/Shutterstock

The spots are formed by a process that begins in the summertime. When the lake evaporates in the summer heat, mineral-rich deposits of calcium, magnesium sulphate, and sometimes silver are leftover.

If this is enough to tempt you to see the fantastical lake yourself, then head to Highway 3 northeast of Osoyoos, one of Canada’s hottest places. The town is located on the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert, which runs all the way down through Mexico. Spend some time in Osoyoos to see scorpions, horned toads, and turtles that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. A viewing deck is in the works to hopefully allow tourists to see the lake up close.

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