7 Ways To Cure Muscle Soreness

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It’s hard not to relish in the satisfaction that sore muscles mean a workout well done, but after feeling pain while walking, sitting, and even laying down, it’s time to face the facts that you need treatment. If you let your sore muscles go un-treated, you could face an injury the next time you workout or engage in any activity. Be ready to workout again sooner and avoid any pain or injuries by following these tips to relieve muscle soreness.

  1. Stretch: As your muscles recover from your activity, they will be tightened up. Take your time and gently stretch every muscle area that is sore. Don’t push yourself while stretching or else you will hurt yourself and be in even more pain—this is no time to show off how flexible you are. Hold the stretch for at least twenty seconds, but preferably longer. Breathe deeply throughout each stretch to release your red blood cells and get the oxygen flowing through your muscles again.
  2. Massage: Gently massage the tight areas to promote regular blood flow, which leads to a quicker recovery. If you have a foam roller you should use it to release the tension in tight areas. Make sure you roll over the sore spots at least ten times to see results. Foam rolling works out knots and tension effectively without the expense of paying for a massage. Again, don’t overdo it on the pressure or else you will end up hurting yourself worse.
  3. Omega-3s: Increase your omega-3 intake or start taking a fish oil pill to guarantee you get enough of the important nutrient. Omega-3 reduces soreness, while preventing inflammation of the muscles.
  4. Protein: Fill up on protein to feed your hungry muscles. Protein is the key to healing your muscles after exertion. The more protein you consume directly after a workout, the less pain they’ll be in 24 hours later.
  5. Water: Make sure you’re drinking water constantly throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. Hydration is the key to a well-functioning body, including repairing your sore muscles.
  6. Warm Bath: A soothing bath with warm water will loosen up your muscles. Add some drops of marjoram and peppermint essential oil, which are known to ease muscle pain.
  7. Hot/Cold Treatment: Alternating between ice packs and heat packs for 15 minutes each will help repair your muscles for a speedier recovery. This technique improves circulation.

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