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The Magical Geyser You Never Knew Existed

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fly geyser near the black rock desert in nevada constantly erupts minerals and hot water creating bright colors and terraced pools

Though small, Fly Geyser is a hidden gem that will stop you in your tracks. This man-made geothermal geyser is situated by the edge of Fly Reservoir and only reaches a height of five feet. Located on the private Fly Ranch, Fly Geyser is closed behind a locked gate, excluding visitors. Luckily there is a dirt road that visitors can drive along to see the geyser from a reasonable distance. The geyser is big enough to be seen from the road, so don’t let the private property restrictions discourage you too much.

The magic of this geyser is that it was a man-made accident. Fly Geyser was accidentally created by well drilling in 1964 while explorers were searching for sources of geothermal energy. Researchers speculate that the well must not have been capped correctly or was left unplugged. Regardless, dissolved minerals began to rise and build up, forming the travertine mound surrounding the geyser. This platform continues to grow today. As of now, this base is twelve feet wide. The water never ceases to release, creating an array of beautiful colors among the several terraces. Overall, there are thirty-forty pools of water that collect some of the water released from the geyser. The pools make up 74 acres of land surrounding the geyser. The brilliant colors seen above come from thermophilic algae.

If you are already planning on traveling to Nevada, make a slight detour to see this stunning attraction. Yellowstone National Park isn’t the only place with geysers!

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