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snowdonia mountain path overlooking small village


If you’re looking for a breathtaking overseas destination, you ought to consider making the trek to Snowdonia in Northern Wales. Nestled in what was once the Kingdom of Gwynedd and the county of Conwy, Snowdonia National Park was the first national park in Wales, designated as such in 1951. It’s also the least populated area in all of Wales, which leaves its natural beauty unperturbed and unsullied. Whether you’re wanting to take an unguided hike through the countryside, try your hand at whitewater rafting, or plunge into the King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Snowdonia has something for everyone.

For the Adventurers

You know that at Outward On we want people to explore the world, and Snowdonia offers so many ways to do just that. These activities aren’t for the lazy and uninspired; these are for the adventurous among us.

Cliff Camping

Forget the tent and rocky ground, just camp while dangling over the side of a cliff. Yes, this is real, and people do it. You won’t get the same experience of wandering a forest and pitching tent wherever you want, but the thrill of sleeping while suspended hundreds of feet in the air is exhilarating in ways that sleeping on the ground could never be.

White Water Rafting and Canoeing 

You have a lot of options here, and since you’re traveling overseas you’re going to have to go through some sort of guided rafting excursion or rent a canoe, but you can still get the rush of adrenaline that comes from enjoying these sports with your own gear.

Climbing and Mountain Walking

With all the various mountains scattered around Snowdonia, there is some truly great climbing to be done. Again, you’ll probably have to rent equipment if you’re traveling from outside the U.K., but that shouldn’t stop you from conquering the various climbs the area has to offer.

You can also go on guided mountain walks, which is a bit easier, and/but you’ll get the enjoy more of the panorama.

Just Explore

snowdonia building ruins with mountain in background


Lastly, you can just get out and explore. Find a secluded spot, grab your GPS, and trek. That’s all you have to do. Skip the guided tours, the tourist traps and just make your way to wherever you want to go. The entire national park is littered with waterfalls, easy climbs that don’t require gear and sights that will take your breath away.

For Tourists

If you’re traveling with less adventurous people, there are enough typical touristy things to do in Snowdonia.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth

Looking to explore the inside of Snowdonia’s mountains? The King Arthur’s Labyrinth guide will boat you deep into a mountain, past a spectacular underground waterfall, and entertain everyone with an impressive light show. You’ll also be able to ride to the top of the mountain and visit the Corris Craft Centre. This is all designed specifically for tourists, but you can still get a sense of exploration — with the right mindset.

Make no mistake, this is a tourist trap. It’s a themed adventure based on the legend of King Arthur. Great for kids, fun for some adults, but not adventurous.

Fairbourne Miniature Railway

Fairbourne Miniature Railway

Image: Wiki Commons

Once you’ve taken a peek inside some mountains, you can hop on a leisurely train ride on the smallest narrow-gauged railway in Wales. This trip lasts all of two miles, connecting the village of Fairbourne to the Barmouth Ferry railway station.

Anglesey Boat Trips

Head west to the coast of Wales and stop in Anglesey to hop on one of the scenic guided boat tours. There are quite a few options to choose from, but none quite give you the freedom of captaining the boat yourself. At least the scenery is guaranteed to impress.

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